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Who we are?

AVA TRAVEL is a private company created 15 years ago when tourism in Myanmar opened at the time of the year of tourism. The company is managed by Mr. Ye Min, Managing Director.
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The Guides

The guides of AVA Travel are selected for their experiment in this activity, their register, their knowledge of the history and the culture, and for their relational qualities.

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Balloons over Bagan

"Fly over thousand years of history !"For the first time, visitors will have the unique opportunity to see this ancient kingdom, as it never has been before. "Balloons over Bagan will be offering Sunrise and sunset champagne balloons flights daily . An enchanting adventure through time"
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When Burma is visited, to go on a cruise on the river " king " of the country, Irrawady is an occasion not to fail.

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Festivals in myanmar

There is a saying that Myanmar celebrates a festival every month. Fortunately for tourists there are even more, spread across the whole country throughout the year. This affords visitors a wonderful opportunity to gain firsthand insight into the living culture of Myanmar.
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You are a Travel company (travel Agency or voyagist). The prices indicated in this site are general public prices. To be given our preferential rates as a Travel agent, SEND US AN EMAIL by specifying your professional adresses and we will send you by return our proposals for a contract. It is enough for you to fill the form below and a simple clic you send it to us.

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Time in Yangon

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Times in Yangon

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It can be obtained in the embassies of Myanmar of the starting country, or in a travel agency specialized on Burma travel. The tourist visa is valid 28 days (granted for one 28 days duration).

* 20 $ (deposited with the embassy of Myanmar with the application)
* 2 photographs and 2 forms (different).

Some areas are not open for the foreign visitors. Please have a look on that places :



No obligatory,but advised vaccine: hepatitis A and B and typhoide.


It is rather difficult to find medecine in Myanmar, even in Yangon. It is thus advised to take all its usual medicaments in particular if you follow a processing. In the same way, the greatest caution is recommanded with water. Should be drunk only capsuled water.


Myanmar is a tropical country, hot and wet climate, subjected on the diet of monsoons with temperatures generally high all the year.

One distinguishes three seasons:

* The rain season (semi-May at October)
* The dry and fresh season, more nice(November to February)
* The dry and hot season of March to middle of May.

In Yangon, into low Burma, it falls more than 2,60 m of water per annum, the average temperature is of 25C (in summer) and of 21C (in winter), but with points at 38C On the coast of Arakhan, it falls nearly 5 m to rain per annum. On the other hand, High Burma, have a climate much more arid (750mm of rain) with larger variations in temperature and even the eternal snow in extreme North.


The international code of the telephone is 95.

The local code of Yangon is the 1, that of Mandalay the 2. The international calls possible in certain hotels (IDD) extremely expensive (about 15 USS for one minute).

Stamping for Europe:

* postcard: 500 MKK
* Letter: 1000 MKK

The mail spends approximately 8 days between France and Europe.


Everyone can eat suitably for a reasonable price. The base of the meals is rice and the curry. One in general takes soup with the dishes and salads.

A normal meal costs approximately 7000 kyatts (without drink). A beer costs approximately 1500 kyatts (Myanmar beer or Tiger beer).

A mineral water bottle = 400 kyatts

Alcohols, a bottle of Whisky approximately depend on the brands, easy to find.

If not the local rum (of Mandalay which is much less expensive)

One can pay in Kyatts:1$ = 1fec = 1000 kyatts (to the 2010)

The most famous dishes of the burmese cooking are Mohinga (noodles with fish) or Ohn-No-Khaukswe (of noodles with a coconut curry).

Also you can find many Chinese and Indian restaurants.

It is easier to take tea than coffee (if not, Nescafe can be bought everywhere.


Buddhists or not when you go to the pagoda or the monastery or in all other place dedicated to Bouddha you must to withdraw your shoes (and your socks if you have some), even in places who are not used any more for the worship. It is an imperative rule and impossible to circumvent.

One assoit never the plant of the feet turned towards an image of the Buddha. It arrives in certain places that the access to the sanctuary is not authorized to the women, (they cannot either touch a bonze, or stick gold sheets on a Buddha representation). One respects those which wear the monastic dress. While addressing oneself to them with the monastery or elsewhere one puts oneself at knees, one knocks the ground of his head and one joint the hands. One always makes the turn of a pagoda while starting with the left. The tourists are not compelled with these practices one asks them simply for a general respectful attitude.(ni miniskirts, nor short shorts, the bermuda shorts do not pose problems).

Pratical infos



No obligatory,but advised vaccine: hepatitis A and B and typhoide.


Myanmar is a country touched by paludism. It is strongly advised to follow a paludic anti processing for stays of long duration and to have in its luggage a good cream against the mosquitos.


The official currency is Kyatt.On can change its currencies in exchange offices counters FEC

1USD = 1000 kyat (2016)

Only the dollar can be exchanged against Kyats. The change is fluctuating. Certain services are paid only in dollars.


Provide with all your films, because the availability on the spot is still limited.

The professional cameras are subjected to authorization.

In certain places of worship the photographs are not allowed.

In other places it is necessary to pay a right for its camera or its camera (about 500 kyatts)


It is +6H:30.


220 Volts. The catches are multiple, it is preferable to have an international adapter.

The fluctuations of current are significant, especially the evening. To envisage a flashlight (useful also for the visits)


Boats, trains, taxis, bicycles growths make it possible to move in the cities and between the cities for a reasonable price. The tourists often have recourse to the services of the airlines (Air Mandalay or Yangon Airways, or Myanmar Airways) if not to the train (regular line between Yangon and Mandalay).

Credit cards

The credit cards still are used very little except in some large hotels and especially Visa. It is rare that the tradesmen accept this card (except in some shops with Yangon and the hotels shops). Master Card is for the moment forbidden.It is not necessary to expect on the use of its credit card during a voyage in Myanmar except if one follows the road of Hotels 4 / 5*


When one uses the services of Air Mandalay or Yangon Airways on the little attended lines of Sittwe or Kentung or other, the flights can be cancel Idem for all these flights of off season (from May to October)

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The museum of Yangon is open everyday from 10H to 16H.


6 Days / 5 Nights
Yangon - Mandalay - Bagan - Inle - Yangon

CIRCUIT 8 days (AVA 108)

8 Days / 7 Nights
Yangon - Mandalay - Amapura/Mingun - Bagan - Inle Lake-Yangon


10 Days / 9 Nights
Yangon -Bago-Heho-Inle Lake-Mandalay-Bagan - Yangon


12 Days / 11 Nights
Yangon-Bago-Heho-Inle -Kalaw- Pindaya- Mandalay - Bagan-Popa-Sale-Bagan- Yangon


13 Days / 12 Night
Yangon Heho- Inle(Inthein, Taungdoo) -Mandalay-Bagn-Yangon- Ngapali


14 Days / 13 Nights Yangon- Bago - Yangon - Mandalay(Amapura /Sagaing/ Mingun/AVA) - Bagan - Popa - Pindaya - Kalaw - Inle - Heho - Yangon


15 Days /1 4 Nights
Yangon- Bago - Mandalay (Amapura/ Sagaing / Mingun / TAA)- Bagan- Popa- Pindaya- Kalaw- Inle- Heho- Yangon


4 Days 3 Nights
Yangon- KyaikHtiyo- Bago- Yangon- Heho -Inle- Kalaw- Pindaya- Heho- Mandalay- Amapura- Monywa- Sagaing - Mandalay (Mingun /Ava)- Bagan- Yangon -Pyay(PROME)- Yangon

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