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Who we are?

AVA TRAVEL is a private company created 15 years ago when tourism in Myanmar opened at the time of the year of tourism. The company is managed by Mr. Ye Min, Managing Director.
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The Guides

The guides of AVA Travel are selected for their experiment in this activity, their register, their knowledge of the history and the culture, and for their relational qualities.

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Balloons over Bagan

"Fly over thousand years of history !"For the first time, visitors will have the unique opportunity to see this ancient kingdom, as it never has been before. "Balloons over Bagan will be offering Sunrise and sunset champagne balloons flights daily . An enchanting adventure through time"
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When Burma is visited, to go on a cruise on the river " king " of the country, Irrawady is an occasion not to fail.

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Festivals in myanmar

There is a saying that Myanmar celebrates a festival every month. Fortunately for tourists there are even more, spread across the whole country throughout the year. This affords visitors a wonderful opportunity to gain firsthand insight into the living culture of Myanmar.
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The first examples of lacquers in Myanmar were found in Bagan (1044) the city which was invaded (and plundered) by the Tartar troops of Kubilai Khan, saw also the visit of Marco Polo which reports splendours of the city.

It is in these pagodas of Bagan that were found the oldest parts and most beautiful. They were offered by the faithful ones with an aim of receiving special merits.

Each part of lacquer (one says a lacquer for the objects and the lacquer for the resin), is finely decorated and often it is a single part. They are either functional and daily objects, or of pieces of furniture, or of containers in all kinds. The lacquers can be also muds, jewel boxes, cups, glasses, tables, lamps, the imagination of the creators does not have limits. The technique has been the same one for 900 years.

A craftsman braids a model of the object which he wants to manufacture with fine stems of bamboo (or hair of horse) on which he will coat several layers of lacquer (the lacquer is the resin of a tree Thitsi which was used to waterproof the objects of basket making). Then the craftsman (or the artist) finely decorates it by engraved reasons (in incrustation) which it fills of colors according to the desired effect, then it polishes it before putting it at the furnace. Decoration informs beautiful feeric scenes, at royal scenes of the olden days, puts in scene mythological or astrological characters or mythical animals like the Hintha bird.

Essentially the only place where these elegant lacquers are manufactured it is Bagan. Many families devote themselves to it until today, by using the ancestral methods. A manufacturing process of lacquers can go up to 26 various stages before being finished, and it sometimes takes several months before finishing a part (even a year...) and the trade secret of such parts is carefully preserved.

the lacquers of Bagan are of color red, whereas one finds in Kentoung or close to Monywa, in Kyautkka, of the black lacquers (the lacquer in this case is coloured before use).

Of everyday usage, the lacquers birmans are also museum pieces and British museum devotes a whole room to them.


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