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Who we are?

AVA TRAVEL is a private company created 15 years ago when tourism in Myanmar opened at the time of the year of tourism. The company is managed by Mr. Ye Min, Managing Director.
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The Guides

The guides of AVA Travel are selected for their experiment in this activity, their register, their knowledge of the history and the culture, and for their relational qualities.

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Balloons over Bagan

"Fly over thousand years of history !"For the first time, visitors will have the unique opportunity to see this ancient kingdom, as it never has been before. "Balloons over Bagan will be offering Sunrise and sunset champagne balloons flights daily . An enchanting adventure through time"
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When Burma is visited, to go on a cruise on the river " king " of the country, Irrawady is an occasion not to fail.

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Festivals in myanmar

There is a saying that Myanmar celebrates a festival every month. Fortunately for tourists there are even more, spread across the whole country throughout the year. This affords visitors a wonderful opportunity to gain firsthand insight into the living culture of Myanmar.
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All about myanmar informations

We are in Asia of South-east and the base of the feeding it is well on rice and fish. The meat is rather rare and a fortiori in this Buddhist country rather vegetarian. The poultry however is consumed and the most current dishes are the noodles and soups.

Useless to develop with which skill the Asian ones can prepare rice. Burma does not escape the rule. It is advisable to note three rice birmanes specialities:

- glutinous rice (kauk hnyin) that one prepares with the vapor and that one tastes in the moëlle one of bamboo or aromatized with banana.

- the black variety, (kauk hnyin paung) which is been useful powdered with roasted sesame and coconut.

- the greediness of Mandalay (Hto-word) a rice pudding cooked with the coconut oil and cashew nut farçi.

The fish (and often the freshwater fish) prepare with many grasses and spices. Equivalent of the Vietnamese nuoc-man, the birmans use Ngapi, a brine of fish or shrimps (in the form of paste or of liquid). One often uses the fresh pepper, the dried shrimps, the lemon, the coriandre, the tamarin...

Well on vegetables and in particular the peas (all kinds of pea) are present in soups or the " curry " (ragouts).

The kitchen birmane is rather fatty. One uses much oil. The curry of fish are varied according to the preparation they can have very different savours. To note the " Touhu " Chinese variety of the " Toufu " (the cheese of Chinese soya), which is often mixed with noodles, vegetables or soup.

There exists well on differences between the areas. In Arakhan the dishes are spiced, in country Shan one is useful much of sesame, in Kachin country the vegetables many and are varied.

The meat (the pig primarily) or the poultry is also in the curry. The birmans are the only ones in Asia to eat the tea: The la-hpet-thout, of the sheets of green tea macerated in lemon juice prepared with sesame oil. It is useful accompanied by all kinds of seeds, peas, peanuts... This dish is so famous that it is now manufactured and can be bought ready to consume.

The traditional tea is useful front or after the meals. There is also an excellent not very alcoholic local beer (5°), the " Mandalay beer " (and recently Myanmar beer).

Let us quote among the most known dishes:

- Mohinga of the noodles rice with fish, which can be used itself for the breakfast.

- Ohn-Noi-Khaukswe, of noodles with a curry with the coconut milk.

- Myi Shai, of rice noodles been useful with jumped meat.

A traditional meal birman is presented in the form of ten " small dishes ", meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, peppers, sauces being been useful separate.

The kitchen birmane is always very long to prepare. The savour of the dishes is thus an alchemy which is due as much to the raw material as the made-to-order to cook. It is what confers all its character and all its originality to him.


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