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Who we are?

AVA TRAVEL is a private company created 15 years ago when tourism in Myanmar opened at the time of the year of tourism. The company is managed by Mr. Ye Min, Managing Director.
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The Guides

The guides of AVA Travel are selected for their experiment in this activity, their register, their knowledge of the history and the culture, and for their relational qualities.

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Balloons over Bagan

"Fly over thousand years of history !"For the first time, visitors will have the unique opportunity to see this ancient kingdom, as it never has been before. "Balloons over Bagan will be offering Sunrise and sunset champagne balloons flights daily . An enchanting adventure through time"
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When Burma is visited, to go on a cruise on the river " king " of the country, Irrawady is an occasion not to fail.

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Festivals in myanmar

There is a saying that Myanmar celebrates a festival every month. Fortunately for tourists there are even more, spread across the whole country throughout the year. This affords visitors a wonderful opportunity to gain firsthand insight into the living culture of Myanmar.
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All about myanmar informations

From the point of view of the administrative organization, Myanmar is a federal Republic, with seven "divisions" : Sagaing, Mandalay, Magwe, Irrawady, Rangoon, Tennaserim, and seven states, of settlement not burmese : Arakhan, Chan, Chin, Kachin, Kayah, Karen, Môn. The national unit of the country was carried out with some difficulties. Independance had been proclamed with the government U NU on January 4th, 1948. And from the very start it had to face the Karen rebellion which generally christian did not recognize this burmese autonomy. U NU was confronted with many problems induced by the federalism. It thus made to call to the head of the army the General Ne Win, who had play a significant role in the resistance and which could thus maintain the unit of the country. This last founded a provisional military mode until the elections of 1960, elections gained by U NU which thus returned to the capacity in April 196O. The objective of U NU to make bouddhism a religion of state, encountered a savage resistance as well of the army as the minorities active, indian, hindu and moslem. The Union birmane was then threatened of bursting and it is the moment that chooses the Genral Ne Win to pass to the action and to install on second of March 1962 a military government which took in hands the destiny of the union birmane until to day.

This unit of the country, badly realized or imposed by the force is one of the key to understand Myanmar of year 2000.

The burmese themselves, whose language forms part of the group "tibeto-birman" account for 80% of the population. They are Bouddhist and practise Theravada, original bouddhism (Hinayana)

ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISION (Etnic minorities states) :

Nb of Cities


36 905 km2

fem palaung

2 566 000 h

Arakhanese, bamars, chin, Mro, Khmai, Dine-net (on the hills)

156 342 km2

fem shan

4 557 000 h

Shan, Bamar, Danu, Taungyo, Intha, Palaung, Pa-O, Lisu, Kachin, Kokant, Wa (Lweia) Ikaw, Lahu..

36 141 km2

fem lisu

451 000 h

27 tribes in North, Tiddim, Falam, and Haka ; 12 tribes in the south, Mindat, Kanpetlet and Matupi and 8 tribes in the west les Paletwa, les Daletmay.

39 350 km2

fem jingpaw

179 000 h

Jingphaw, Rawang, lisu, Maru, Azi; there are also some tibetans and shan.

11 770 km2

fem akkea

240 OOO h

Kayah, Kayam (Padaung) Kanang, Kayaw, Manu, Manaw, gheba, gheko

30 346 km2

fem karen

1 376 000 h

Kayins (karens) some Mons, Bamars, and Shans

12 337 km2

village akka

2 284 000 h

Mons and Bamars; some Kaiyin, and Shan


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