June 15, 2017 | Julia Yemin

Burmese craft industry offers many objects carried out with taste. Antiquities also abound, but it is interdict to come out of the country of the religious images and the old objects of more than fifty years. Best is still to make confidence with the antique dealers: in Yangon, Mandalay.

You will thus find if you have patience or chance:

* Beautiful objects enamels some (boxes, plates, and all kinds of objects of worship): in Bagan, Kyaukka, Kentung.

* Embroidered tapestries known as Kalagas: in Mandalay.

* Wood carved (of wood hard): in Mandalay (Amarapura) or in the inputs of the pagodas.

* Very beautiful marionettes, old or new: in Mandalay, Yangon.

* Silver objects in relief, muds, drinking cups, boxes with messages engraved: with the lake Inle, Sagaing.

* Silver-plated pipes with clay furnace (of the reproductions).

And here or there, of the cheroots (in Taungyi), of the scissors with Betel, of the horoscopes on sheet of palms in enameled boxes, books in rice paper sheets folded (para beik), sunshades with Bassein or Pindaya, textiles printed with the hand (longyi for example), and if that tries you Burma is also the country of the precious stones and in particular of the rubies and jades.